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Best Affiliation Program In Kenya

Affiliate marketing is currently the quickest way to gain financial freedom and stability.

By promoting our products through platforms such as websites, blogs, or social media channels, you’ll be able to earn commissions from every sale or lead generated through your unique affiliate links. So why wait yet you can;


Leverage your expertise and niche knowledge.

We know you often have a specific audience or niche market that you cater to, and you can recommend products or services that align with the audience’s interests and needs. By so doing, you build trust and credibility with your audience, leading to higher conversion rates and potentially increased earnings.


Flexibility and freedom.

You’ll have the freedom to choose the products or services you want to promote, based on your own preferences and audience’s interests. You can also decide how and when to promote these products, allowing for a flexible work schedule and ability to integrate affiliate marketing into your existing content or business strategies.


Growth opportunity and scalability.

As you gain experience and build your audience, you can expand your promotional efforts and potentially partner with more vendors. This can lead to increased earning potential and the ability to diversify your income streams.

Modes Of Earning.

We tend to do things totally different from other affiliate providers by offering an array of streams to earn from. These include;

1. Daily login.

You simply login to your account and receive a pay.

2. Reviewing marketplace products.

We highly recommend you to review products that you have consumed in order to help our customers make right choices

3. Selling marketplace products.

This forms the main source of income where you copy a product link, paste the link to your url generator, then share the generated link with your customers, friends and family to earn commission on each purchase.

4. Referring a vendor or an affiliate.

You’ll be able to earn commissions from referring any user type to our website.

5. Link clicks.

Other than just waiting for a purchase to be made on your shared link, we’ve made it easier for you to earn even without a purchase.
You’ll earn a commission each time different persons click on your shared link.


Other Benefits

  • Access products on hire purchase.
  • Double affiliate bonuses on holidays.
  • Multi-level commissions.
  • Priority on job offers posted by us.


1. National ID.

2. Bank account number, MPesa or Airtel Money number.

3. Marketplace App. Download it HERE.

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