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Chapter 01

“Darryl, pour our footwashing water.”

There are three women sitting on the sofa, who have just finished soaking their feet. From a distance, the three beauties are s3xy and beautiful, each with its own merits. These three women are Darryl Yue’s wife and her two best friends.

Hearing his wife’s instructions, Darryl bent over to pour out the three basins of footwashing water. He didn’t dare to complain at all, just because he was the son-in-law. After three years of marriage, he has no status in the family. Because of a small matter, he will be scolded by his wife and mother-in-law. In this family, Darryl’s status is not as good as a dog.

Married to Lily for three years, only in the name of husband and wife, not the reality of husband and wife. Never touched her hand! Every day he sleeps, Darryl sleeps on the floor, just because Lily looks down on him in her heart.

Washing, cooking, cleaning up the room, these are Darryl’s work. Once while cooking, I accidentally dropped a bowl and was trained by my wife for half an hour.

One night, Darryl woke up Lily when he got up to the toilet. Lily slapped directly on his face.

That was the first time Darryl was beaten. Since childhood, even his parents were reluctant to beat himself! But Darryl dared to be angry and didn’t dare to speak, so he could only apologize continuously at that time. That night, he was punished to kneel all night.

Three years, three full years, Darryl has long been accustomed to this kind of life. Why did you become the son-in-law? The most painful thing is that after three years of getting along day and night, I fell in love with Lily unbelievably. Although Lily looked down on him, she always scolded him for waste!

Darryl was originally the second son of the Yue family. The Yue family is known as the largest family in Jiangnan. Three years ago, Darryl used 8 million cash to buy an 8% stake in Southeast Petroleum Company.

At that time, hundreds of people from the Yue family accused Darryl, some said he was crazy, some said he had bad intentions and wanted to empty the family funds.

With the unanimous consent of the family, Darryl was expelled from the family. Not only that, even his parents were also expelled from the family tree!

In the past three years, Darryl has experienced the warmth and coldness of humanity. Former friends, brothers, tried their best to stay away from him. In order to live, he can only choose to be the son-in-law! I never mentioned this matter before, and even his wife Lily didn’t know about it.

“sister Lily, your husband is well disciplined by you,” said Carol, a girlfriend.

Lily sneered: “Do you mean Darryl? I am disgusted when I see him. Others are married to wealthy families. I’d rather marry such a trash. You can see that he is poor and sour, and he is from the country. Tomorrow. It’s the annual meeting of our Liu family. I feel embarrassed to take him there.”

Carol couldn’t help but glanced at Darryl. Indeed, wearing a whole suit to sell goods, she looked shabby. Carol laughed: “sister Lily, let’s not talk about him. Tell me something business. I heard that your company has had some problems recently?”

Lily nodded: “We lost several million in the clothing business last month. Now the company is short of funds and urgently needs 5 million. Within a week, we must find investors to support our company.”

Carol sighed: “But sister Lily, who will support you with five million in a week.”

Lily did not speak. At this moment, she found that Darryl had already poured out the footwashing water and was listening. Lily glared at him and said coldly, “Darryl, who made you stand here? Go and wash my clothes.”

“And my jeans, in my suitcase, also help me wash them.” Carol also said.

How dare Darryl complain, put the clothes in the washing machine. By the way, I also washed my clothes. Tomorrow is a reunion of high school classmates, so I have to dress cleanly. I was thinking about it, but at this moment, the phone rang all of a sudden. Open it and see it is a text message. The other party’s number, ending in six and eight. Seeing this number, Darryl frowned. Isn’t this the number of the Yue family?

Darryl opened the text message curiously, but at this look, the whole person was stunned for an instant!

‘Second Young Master, please help the Yue Family. The Yue family urgently needs funds and needs your support! ‘

baffling! Darryl frowned. Three years ago, the family drove himself out. Now I have nothing, only 20 yuan in my pocket. The family needs financial support. What is the use of asking me?

Just thinking about it, the phone ticked again, and it was another text message.

‘Second Young Master, I beg you to help the family. The oil shares you bought three years ago have now doubled many times. I beg you… Without your support, the family will be ruined…’

What? ! D*mn it!

Darryl almost jumped from the ground! At an unprecedented speed, he took out an Amethyst Bank black card. This card has been abandoned for three years. This is a status symbol, each card has a dedicated salesperson. He hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed the manual service directly!

“Hello, Mr. Yue. What can I do to help you?” A sweet female voice came.

“Quickly, check the balance for me.”

“Okay, wait a minute,” the woman said slowly. In a few seconds, he said again: “Mr. Yue, the balance in your card is too large for us to check. Please go to the VIP window of the bank and show your ID before checking.”

Before the voice was over, Darryl hung up the phone directly!

Haha, hahaha! Is the number of bank card balances large? ! Hahaha! Unexpectedly, because of this investment three years ago, I was driven out of the family. I did not expect that this investment would surprise me three years later! I don’t know how much money is in this card now!

“sister Lily, look at Darryl, call to check her balance.” Carol couldn’t help laughing and said to Lily.

Lily also laughed: “I give him 200 yuan in pocket money every day. After three years, he has also saved a lot.”

“sister Lily, you should raise a dog.” Carol’s voice fell, and the three women laughed together.

Darryl ran over excitedly, looked at his wife and said, “The company is short of 5 million, or else… or I will help you figure out a solution?”

“Hahaha…” Carol couldn’t stop laughing. She glanced at Darryl and said, “Darryl, do you know what five million is? sister Lily will give you two hundred yuan every day. If you can spend five million, I call your father. Haha.”

“Really?” Darryl smiled slyly: “Then you remember what you said.”

At this time, Lily finally couldn’t help it. Is there something wrong with Darryl’s head? He feels sour and annoyed to look at him here. Lily waved her hand impatiently: “Go away, don’t be an eyesore here.”

Darryl uttered, but did not speak.

That night, Darryl stayed up all night with excitement. He couldn’t even believe the sudden good news. No, you must go to the bank in person tomorrow to check your balance!

Tossing around until the early morning, barely fell asleep. As a result, Zhengxiang was sleeping, and he heard the voice of his mother-in-law in the living room.

“Darryl, get up and send my daughter to work.”

In his sleep, Darryl heard the voice of his mother-in-law Alexandra, but he thought he was dreaming and turned over and continued to sleep. At this moment, the door was opened and Alexandra walked in and kicked him impatiently.

“Are you deaf or mute? I asked you to send Lily to work, can’t you hear me?” Alexandra said coldly.

I have to say that the mother-in-law Alexandra is really beautiful, in her thirties. She is well maintained.

Darryl got up from the floor in a daze, looking at Alexandra with a face full of confusion. After three years of marriage, I never went out with Lily, just because she felt ashamed of herself. Now let me take her to work? !

At this moment Lily also came over. She was wearing professional attire and stomped her feet anxiously: “Hurry up, are you deaf? Or don’t you want to give me away?”

“Willing!” Darryl was like a mess, changed his clothes quickly, and rode Lily to the company on his own small electric car.

Lily was upset because the company was short of funds and needed an investment of 5 million yuan. But now that no investors can be found, the company is facing bankruptcy! Therefore, an emergency shareholder meeting is called. As the general manager of the company, she must be present. But when I got up in the morning and walked downstairs just now, Lily remembered that her car had been borrowed by Carol. As a last resort, only let Darryl send it.

Chapter 2

“You hurry up, if you are late today, this will not be over.” Lily couldn’t help but said seeing the speed of the car so slow.

But as soon as the voice fell, she regretted it! This broken electric car was abruptly driven by Darryl!

Under the stimulation of speed, Lily couldn’t help but hug Darryl’s waist.

Darryl trembled all over, after three years of marriage, this is the first physical contact, right? Feeling the softness coming from his back, Darryl drove faster and faster like a chicken blood.

At the door of the company, Lily finally breathed a sigh of relief. I was about to get out of the car to go to the company. At this moment, there was a roar of the engine, and an Audi Q5 was parked next to the electric car. A man walked down from the car.

Mitchell Xu closed the car door, tidyed up his suit, walked in front of Lily, pointed at Darryl and said, “Lily, who is this person?”

Lily walked off the electric car and said softly, “His name is Darryl.”

The wedding that year shocked the entire Donghai City. Who in Donghai City didn’t know that Lily, who was gentle and beautiful, married a trash.

“Oh, it turned out to be that waste.” Mitchell snorted coldly, took off his clothes, and handed them to Lily: “Lily, it’s cold all the way, put it on quickly. I bought you a gift. “

Speaking of this, Mitchell opened the car door and took out a box, which was very high-end.

Inside this box is a pair of crystal high heels. These shoes look very noble. They must be s3xy and temperamental when worn on your feet.

In the early years, the Yue family had also engaged in the clothing business. Darryl knew many famous designers. If I remember correctly, this pair of shoes should be designed by a British designer, Mina. The name of the shoes is Crystal Love. Limited to 99 pairs that year, these shoes were sold out just as soon as they came out.

Most people who buy these shoes are from famous families. So even if you have money, you can’t buy it now.

Although the shoes in Mitchell’s hands are very similar, they are slightly rough and obviously fake.

“Lily, I know that you have always liked these shoes. I blamed my incompetence. I searched many places but couldn’t find the authentic ones.” Mitchell handed the shoes over: “So I spent 300,000 yuan and copied a pair. You wear them first Give me a month, I will definitely be able to buy the real one, and I will give it to you when the time comes.”

“No need.” Lily took the shoes over and said faintly: “It is impossible to buy the real ones. Even if they can be bought, the price is too high. At the auction last year, a pair of Crystal Love was sold. The high price of 30 million yuan. So, don’t waste time. I think these imitation shoes are already very good-looking.”

“This…” Mitchell swallowed. That’s right, his entire net worth is about 30 million yuan, can’t he use it all for shoes? At that time he could only smile awkwardly.

However, at this moment, Darryl rushed out, snatched the pair of shoes, and threw them directly on the ground!

“Daughter-in-law, other people’s things, we don’t want it. If you like it, my husband will buy it for you.” Darryl said as he grabbed her hand and took her to the company.

“Darryl, what are you talking about!” Lily whispered.

This is the door of the company. As the general manager, she is not easy to get angry. She subconsciously wanted to withdraw her hand, but Darryl held it tightly.

“You stop me!” Mitchell was anxious all of a sudden. D*mn, these shoes were 300,000 yuan, and they were thrown directly on the ground. Can he not feel distressed!

“What do you mean?” Mitchell strode over and pointed at Darryl and shouted: “If these shoes are broken, you won’t be able to afford to sell your kidneys, don’t you know?!”

“First, Lily is my wife, please stay away from her.”

“Second, my wife is cold, so you can put on my clothes.” After the voice fell, Darryl threw Mitchell’s clothes directly on the ground: “Third, I will give my wife the things that my wife likes. She is so beautiful, Don’t wear fakes. Tonight, I will put the authentic Crystal Love on for my daughter-in-law.”

“You look like a idiot! The counterfeit still needs 300,000 yuan. Just ride a broken electric bike. Where can you get the courage to pretend?!” Mitchell suddenly became popular. As the heir of the Xu family, no one dared to be like himself for so many years. Speak?

The most irritating thing is that Darryl ignored him and dragged Lily into the company.

“Groove! This brake pen!” Mitchell kicked the electric car. This kick was too hard and the electric car was kicked over. Mitchell felt still not out of breath, and kicked the electric car again.

Yunchu Company, General Manager’s Office.

Lily sat on the chair and looked at Darryl coldly. Her chest trembled with anger. Mitchell is a real estate agent. Behind him is the first family in Jiangnan, the Yue family!

My own Yunchu company is in need of a five-million-dollar investment, and I still want Mitchell to be the investor. This is not the case, and Darryl’s blending in must annoy Mitchell.

You shouldn’t bring Darryl out! Success is not enough to fail, this sentence describes him exactly!

“What are you doing here, get out!” Lily glared at him and said coldly.

“Oh.” Darryl muttered, then turned and left here.

Seeing his indifferent look, Lily gritted her teeth bitterly without a fight. In the past few years, the sisters around me have married as wives, and their husbands and sons are among the best. There are also two houses in the worst, even some worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Looking at Darryl again, Lily was more aggrieved as she thought about it. Tonight is the annual meeting of the Liu family. When that happens, people in the family will definitely laugh at themselves with Darryl.

“Fcuk, who smashed my electric car?!”

Downstairs of Yunchu Company, Darryl howled loudly.

D*mn, this electric car has been with him for three years! I ride it every day when I buy food, and I feel so uncomfortable to be smashed like this now! Don’t even think about it, it must be Mitchell’s second force!

At this moment, several women were wearing professional attire and stepping on high heels. They are employees of Lily’s company, and they are pointing to Darryl at this time.

“Look quickly, is that man Darryl, sister Lily’s husband?”

“It’s him! On the day that sister Lily got married, I went to participate.”

“Look, his electric car is broken, and I feel distressed there…”

Several women couldn’t help laughing.

“Oh…” Darryl didn’t notice them at all, sighed, and gently stroked the electric car: “Electric car brother, don’t worry, I will definitely pay you this grudge. Don’t worry.

While muttering, he took out his cell phone and dialed the family’s phone number.

“Hey, I am Darryl. I can help the family. But there are two conditions. First, send me a pair of Crystal Love. Second, under our family, there is a Mitchell, right? I want to see He has nothing.”

As soon as I finished the call, the phone dinged and received a text message. It was sent by Lily, with only a few words: Darryl, tonight is the annual meeting of the Liu family, go buy a new set of clothes, don’t embarrass me.

East China Sea coast, sea view villa. This villa has a panoramic sea view. Just now, the patriarch Yue Darryl came here.

Darryl was sitting on the rocking chair with a care, and the head of the family Yue sat opposite him. This person is called Banson Yue, who is Darryl’s pro-uncle.

Seeing Darryl’s sitting posture, Banson laughed: “Mr. Darryl, I haven’t seen you in a few years, you are still such a bohemian.”

“Uncle, I have something to do tonight, let’s go straight to the subject. You said that the family’s funds are broken, let’s talk, how much is missing.” Darryl grabbed a big cherry and put it in his mouth to chew it.

“Not much…” Banson scratched his head. The head of the Yue family has never seen him in the world, but now he is a little cautious, after all, he is asking for help.

“There is a shortage of three billion…”

what? ! Three billion? ! D*mn it!

“Uncle, that…I have something to do, let’s go first.” Darryl stood up sullenly, raising his leg to leave.

“Mr. Darryl!” Banson was also anxious, and hurriedly called out: “Mr. Darryl, the family is in urgent need of this fund! If there is no such fund, the huge family will be destroyed! The two conditions you mentioned , I can help you! Mitchell tonight, I will leave him with nothing, Crystal Love is already on his way.”

“Uncle, I want to help you, but how can I have so much money?” Darryl took a deep breath.

“Xiaofeng, are you really watching the family and falling apart! Your bank card balance is 3.2 billion!” Banson was a little anxious: “You can’t forget your roots!”

Darryl had a smile on his face. Hearing this, his smile gradually disappeared: “Uncle, I bought Southeast Petroleum stocks back then. My sister-in-law said that I was plotting a bad plan and attempting to transfer family funds! The family had hundreds of people, penalizing, and driving me out. Family! Has anyone said half a word for me?!”

“You all know that the 8 million shares I bought were saved by me little by little, not family money at all!”

“In the past few years I have been a door-to-door son-in-law, and I’m not as good as a dog, a family member, who has come to see me?!”

“If it wasn’t for the breakdown of family funds, you would have forgotten me!” Darryl clenched his fists tightly, and said every word.

“Mr. Darryl, we are wrong about this matter, we apologize… But now the family really needs this money…” Banson stepped forward, grabbing Darryl’s arm and said, sighing for a long time, gritted his teeth and said: “Xiaofeng, as long as you are willing to support the family, I can call the shots and let you be the president of Ziyu Company. Give me your ID card, and you will go to Ziyu Company tomorrow, and the secretary will take over with you.”

Ziyu Company, the company with the most potential under the Yue family, is an entertainment company. Now there are several first-tier stars and countless second-tier stars, all of which are owned by Ziyu Company.

All along, Ziyu Company has been managed by his sister-in-law. Now the patriarch actually said that he was willing to hand over Ziyu Company to him.

“Okay. I’m leaving now.” Darryl thought for a while before nodding. Although three billion to buy a Ziyu company, it is a bit inappropriate. But the patriarch was almost crying, so promise him.

After that, Darryl turned and left. Tonight is the annual meeting of the Liu family, but before that, there is one more important thing. That is the reunion of classmates. Seeing that the party is about to begin, this can’t be late. There are a few brothers in high school who have not contacted for so long and really miss them. At this gathering, all the classmates were present, and it is said that even the beautiful head teacher would go.

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